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For the dungeon from The Legend of Zelda also known as "The Demon", see Level 7 (First Quest).

The Demons are a recurring race in the Legend of Zelda series. Demons are monstrous entities who typically have malicious tendencies and hatred of other races, though this is not the case of all demons. Though other entities similar to demons (such as Acheman and Majora) have appeared throughout the series, they have not been officially confirmed as demons themselves.


Though most appear humanoid, demons often possess monstrous physical attributes; for example, Chancellor Cole possesses horns, Batreaux appears to be a humanoid bat, and Demise has hair made of fire. Demons can appear in a variety of different forms such as a Demon Train (a demonic locomotive), Ghirahim (a demonic sword spirit), and The Imprisoned (Demise's sealed form).


Due to their dark nature, demons usually possess a natural affinity to dark or black magic. Some demons like Malladus are capable of using demonic possession to possess the body of another, even other demons as shown by his possession of Chancellor Cole. Demons also possess the ability to summon monsters and powerful demons, an example being Ghirahim who regularly summoned powerful enemies like Scaldera in boss fights.

Demons also produce a demonic aura that attracts lesser monsters (such as Keeses and ChuChus) and is capable of transforming other creatures (such as Remlits) into demonic forms. This aura is apparently stronger at night as shown with Batreaux, who's demonic aura caused Remlits to turn into feral beasts and caused Keese & ChuChu to appear in Skyloft at night, forcing most of the inhabitants of Skyloft to stay in doors during late hours. Lesser demons seem to have little control over the effects of their demonic aura, as the benign Batreaux had no control over it. As a result, even benign or benevolent demons like Batreaux can have a negative effect on their environment via their demonic aura. The same may not apply to all demons however, as Batreaux is the only known demon with this condition.

Depending on how powerful they are, demons can possess a variety of abilities such as levitation (though demons that possess wings like Batreaux can fly naturally), teleportation, materialization and de-materialization of objects, and manipulate dark (possibly demonic) energy. The Demon King possesses powers on a scale greater than other demons and their power is often great enough to allow them to oppose other powerful beings such as Deities, Dragons, and guardian spirits.

Often a Demon King's power is so great that even powerful deities such as Hylia and the Spirits of Good are forced to imprison them by sealing them away. However these measures are usually temporary at best, as the Demon Kings usually bide their time, waiting for the seal to weaken and/or their loyal servants to free them. However, even Demon Kings are not invincible, as they are often susceptible to divine weapons such as the Light Arrows, Master Sword, or Lokomo Sword. Although they are considerably vulnerable in such cases though, there is still a dangerous possibility that a Demon King may actually prevail from an attempted attack (that was done by an artifact of the same caliber as the ones noted above), as shown in Twilight Princess when Ganondorf survived his execution by the Holy Sages and killed one of them in return. This further proves the lethal potency that a Demon King wields. Very few have actually managed to truly overwhelm Demon Kings in combat, as the only known individuals to have achieved such a feat is Link, Zelda, and Midna; with Link being the only one to do so on his own.

Relationship to Humans

As shown by Batreaux, it is possible for noble or benevolent Demons to become Human (or Hylian) by obtaining a number of Gratitude Crystals which are produced by feelings of gratitude. However since they can only be seen by certain people such as Link, the demon will require the aid of such a person to collect enough crystals to do so. Once enough crystals are obtained, the Demon will lose their demonic aura and become a mortal, though as shown with Batreaux they will retain some aspects of their demonic form while losing their more monstrous features such as wings (and thus their ability to fly).


The primary demon race to appear are the powerful demons who come in many different shapes and sizes, these include the likes of Demise (a large black flame headed demon), Bellum (a huge squid-like demon), Chancellor Cole (a humanoid demon), Skeldritch (a skeletal demon) and Malladus (a giant blue skull-shaped demon).

Non-demonic entities can be transformed into demons, as shown by the Gerudo Ganondorf becoming Ganon, the Minish Vaati becoming Vaati's Wrath, the Twili being transformed into the Shadow Beast demons and the Knights of Hyrule being transformed into base creatures of magic. The Dark World will transform any who enter who possess impure motives into demons.

Other than the primary demons and the demons born from non-demonic races, there are numerous different demon subspecies, including Goriya and Vire, who are both types of "devil".

There are also artificially created demons, such as the Shadow Links created by the Dark Mirror from the evil thoughts and resentments of Ganondorf from Twilight Princess.


Demons appear to follow a monarchial government, due to the presence of a "Demon King"; Ganon in various titles, Malladus for Spirit Tracks, and Demise for Skyward Sword.

The Demon King is treated by more than just a king to the demons, as he is worshiped as a god by demons and monsters alike, and even some humans, such as Twinrova and the Yiga Clan.

Demon Tribe

Main article: Demon Tribe

Most demons are members of the Demon Tribe, which is a tribe made primarily of demons and monsters that serve the Demon King, though some such as Batreaux do not. If the Demon King is incapacitated (usually via being sealed), other high ranking demons usually takeover as leader of the tribe, such as Chancellor Cole in Spirit Tracks and Demon Lord Ghirahim in Skyward Sword. Usually these high ranking Demons are loyal minions of the Demon King, who seek to unseal or resurrect the Demon King, usually aided by legions of monsters that serve the Demon Tribe.


Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

One hundred years before the start of the game, the Demon King, Malladus, led his demonic hordes in a war against the first settlers of New Hyrule, but the mortals ultimately prevailed through the intervention of the Spirits of Good, who sealed Malladus beneath the ground through mystical shackles, using the Tower of Spirits as a lock and leaving the Lokomo to watch over New Hyrule as they returned to the heavens. Over the years, the shackles became known as the Spirit Tracks and were used as railroad tracks, and the war eventually became little more than a legend among the people.

In the present day, one of Malladus's remaining minions, Cole, worked undercover as the chancellor of New Hyrule while secretly plotting to destroy the Spirit Tracks and resurrect his master with the help of Byrne, a rogue Lokomo. He eventually succeeded in ridding the kingdom of the Spirit Tracks, and in a confrontation with Link and Princess Zelda, the latter of whom had become suspicious of him, used dark magic to separate Zelda's spirit from her body and stole her body, intending to use it to resurrect Malladus.

However, Zelda survived as a ghost, invisible and inaudible to all but Link and the Lokomos, and together with Link, managed to restore the Spirit Tracks and the Tower of Spirits, though they were too late to stop the ritual, and Malladus was reborn within Zelda's body. Byrne subsequently asked Malladus for the power he had always wanted, but Malladus instead attacked him before departing with Cole on the Demon Train, a massive sentient locomotive, to wait for Malladus to adjust to Zelda's body.

Link and Zelda, with help from Byrne and Anjean, eventually managed to track Malladus down in the Dark Realm, where they used Light Arrows to exorcise Malladus from Zelda's body, which Zelda proceeded to reclaim with the help of Byrne. In retaliation, Malladus killed Byrne and possessed Cole instead; though Cole's body began to reject Malladus's spirit, Malladus vowed to destroy the world before that happened; however, Link and Zelda successfully managed to destroy both Malladus and Cole for good.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Eons before the beginning of the game, the Demon King Demise led his armies in a bloody war to obtain the Triforce; in response, the goddess Hylia sent the remaining Hylians into the heavens upon a massive land mass before uniting the Ancient Robots, the Gorons, the Kikwis, the Mogmas and the Parella against Demise's forces, sealing away the Demon King within the Sealed Grounds. However, knowing that Demise's followers would free him, Hylia had the Goddess Sword created, discarding her divinity to be reborn upon the residents of Skyloft.

One such servant, Ghirahim, later revealed to be the embodiment of Demise's sword, attempted to kidnap Zelda, the reincarnation of Hylia, with the intent of sacrificing her soul and life force to free Demise from his prison; though Link eventually succeeded in obtaining the Triforce and using it to destroy Demise, Ghirahim simply captured Zelda and traveled back in time to resurrect his master, succeeding in doing so despite Link's best efforts to stop him. Upon his return, Demise, both surprised and impressed to see a Hylian who was not afraid of him, agreed to a final duel with Link, during which he was ultimately defeated. However, with his last breaths, Demise cursed the bloodlines of Link and Zelda, declaring that an embodiment of his hatred and the curse of the Demon Tribe (in the Japanese version) would be reborn and torment the descendants of the two for all time, before being sealed inside the Master sword. Sealing Demise then subsequently revives Zelda, who is shown to be unharmed.

A friendly demon named Batreaux also dwells within Skyloft, where he recruits Link to gather Gratitude Crystals to make him a Hylian and allow him to socialize with the citizens of Skyloft.

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Other appearances

Subseries warning: This article or section contains information on a subseries within the Legend of Zelda series and should be considered part of its own separate canon.

Hyrule Warriors/Legends

Ghirahim appears as a playable character and The Imprisoned appears as a giant boss. The game's main antagonist, Ganondorf holds the title of Demon King and transforms into the Dark Beast, Ganon. Though Demise only appears in his imprisoned form, he is referenced by Ganondorf's Swords of Demise and Trident of Demise. Ghirahim's Demon Blades are said to be weapons forged by the Demon Tribe. The Demon Tribe lead by Ghirahim is also represented by Ghirahim's Forces.

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Theory warning: This section contains theoretical information based on the research of one or several other users. It has not been officially verified by Nintendo and its factual accuracy is disputed.

Relationship to Humans

It has also been implied that this may work in reverse as well, allowing an evil mortal to become a demon. Ganon may be an example of this, as he was originally the Gerudo King Ganondorf, before he stole the Triforce (or the Trident in Four Swords Adventures). Though Ganon has never actually been confirmed to be a Demon in the canon series (save for Twilight Princess in which Ganondorf is referred to as a Demon Thief by the Ancient Sages; though it is likely that they were speaking metaphorically), in the Hyrule Warriors series, Ganondorf/Ganon holds the title of Demon King.

The Triforce of Power may allow an evil mortal that possesses it to become demons, reflecting the evil within their hearts. Of course, it should be noted that Ganondorf is implied to be an incarnation of Demise's hatred and the curse of the Demon Tribe, indicating that he may have already possessed a latent demonic nature that was awakened by the power of the Triforce (or Trident in the case of Four Swords Adventures), transforming him into a true demon: Ganon. However as shown in both Twilight Princess and Hyrule Warriors, Ganon is capable transform between his Gerudo form (Ganondorf) and demon form (Ganon), indicating that it may simply be an alternate form like Wolf Link or Sheik.

Possible Demons

Several entities, enemies and boss within the series have a demonic appearance and/or traits similar to demons, yet have never been confirmed to be demons themselves.



Acheman from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

Acheman are a form of Ache that can transform into a demonic bat-like humanoid form (similar to the confirmed demon Batreaux) that appear in Zelda II.


Majora has many demonic qualities (as it enjoys causing chaos and destruction). One possibility is that it is the demonic spirit of Majora's Mask, similar to how Ghirahim is the demonic spirit of Demise's Sword.

Theory warning: Theories end here.

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