"OK, burrow into the Deku Flower. The game begins the moment you jump out!"
— Playground Operator

The Deku Scrub Playground is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. It is located in a Hidden Hole in North Clock Town. It can be reached whilst Link is wearing the Deku Mask, as he is required to travel over the surrounding fence using the nearby Deku Flower. Link in his Hylian from, as well as Zora Link, can also reach the Hidden Hole by climbing over the fence, but they are unable to play.

The Deku Scrub Playground is a festive place where two Deku Scrub brothers host mini-games. Link must pay Rupees to play, but Deku who successfully complete the obstacle course are rewarded well. After paying the fee, Link must jump around from platform to platform, collecting as many Rupees as he can, without touching the ground below him. If Link can do that and collect all the Rupees within the time limit, he will get a Purple Rupee.

Each day, the mini-games becomes progressively harder: the platforms will move in different ways and become faster. If Link manages to collect all of the Rupees within the time limit on each day, he will be rewarded with a Piece of Heart. However, his incredible skill at playing the game will also result in him being banned from playing any more afterward.