Deer Hunting is a mini-game in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. In Hateno Village at the farm near Retsam Forest, Link can find the farmer Dantz pitching hay with his Farmer's Pitchfork. If Link talks to him, Dantz reveals that the local Deer population is out of control and asks Link if he would help out by hunting some deer to help control their numbers. This leads to the Deer Hunting mini-game in which Link is given a limited amount of time to kill as many deer as he can without leaving the forest. Dantz will reward Link with Rupees the value of which is determined by the number of deer killed. Link can also keep any meat the deer or other animals drop during the mini-game though he must pick them up as he goes. As only deer count towards Link's total, killing other animals will not effect Link's score if he hits one. Link can kill deer primarily with his bow, though he can use any weapons at his deposal to hunt them including Remote Bombs, Boomerangs, and melee weapons. Once the time is up, Dantz will count the number of deer killed and reward Link with Rupees. Deer Hunting can be a useful way to collect Raw Prime Meat and Rupees as it does not cost anything to play.

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