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"When Cia opened a doorway to the era of the Hero of Time, a brave warrior stepped through the portal and added his strength to the current battle, just as he had done ages before. As a proud Goron chieftain, Darunia makes his home in Goron City, located in the heart of the volcanic Death Mountain. Like all Gorons, his entire diet consists of rocks. It's Goron tradition to refer to loved ones and trusted allies as "brother," an attribute Darunia has not left behind on his journey through the ages."
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Goron Chief, Darunia is a playable character in Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends. A descendant of the Hero of the Gorons, Darunia is the Goron Patriarch and Sage of Fire in the Era of the Hero of Time. Due to the actions of Cia, Darunia once again comes to aid the land of Hyrule in the War Across the Ages.

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Background & History

Darunia is a descendant of the Hero of the Gorons, an ancient Goron who defeated the evil Goron-eating Dragon Volvagia with the legendary Megaton Hammer. At some point around or following the Hyrulean Civil War, Darunia became Goron Chief and sworn brother to the King of Hyrule resulting in an alliance between the Gorons and the Royal Family of Hyrule.

Era of the Hero of Time

Big Boss of the Gorons

Following the Hyrulean Civil War, Darunia and his follow Gorons lived in peace until the evil Gerudo King of Thieves, Ganondorf, came and demanded that Darunia hand over the Goron's sacred treasure, the Goron's Ruby. Darunia refused, causing Ganondorf to revive King Dodongo and block the entrance to the Dodongo's Cavern, where the Goron mined the rocks they ate, to convince them to hand over the Goron's Ruby. However, Darunia took the Goron's Ruby and locked himself in his room to await the Royal Family's messenger. Eventually the messenger arrived in the form of a young boy named Link who had been sent by Princess Zelda to obtain the Spiritual Stone of Fire (the original name of the Goron's Ruby) to keep it out of Ganondorf's hands. The proud Darunia took the young boy's appearance as insult and sign of disrespect from his sworn brother the King. Fortunately, the boy knew Saria's Song, a song that came from a cavern connecting Goron City to the Lost Woods. The song caused Darunia to dance and put him in a good mood. Giving the boy the Goron's Bracelet which increased the boy's strength, he told him of the Gorons' plight and tasked him with dealing with the problem. The boy used the strength granted by the bracelet to throw a Bomb Flower to destroy the boulders blocking the entrance to Dodongo's Cavern and managed to defeat the mighty King Dodongo, proving himself a man in Darunia's eyes. Grateful for the boy's courage and heroism, Darunia gave Link the Goron's Ruby, as well as making Link a sworn brother to himself and the Gorons. The boy would later prove himself to be the Hero of Time after he removed the Master Sword from the Pedestal of Time, though he was sealed away for seven years due to being too young to wield the blade, allowing Ganondorf to enter the Sacred Realm while he slept.

Volvagia's Return & The Sage of Fire

In the meantime, the boy was remembered among Darunia and the Gorons as the legendary Dodongo Buster. Darunia even chose to name his son in honor of the boy. Eventually Ganondorf, who had conquered Hyrule and become the King of Evil, resurrected Volvagia to curse the Fire Temple, causing a crown of fire to appear over Death Mountain. To make an example of the Gorons, Ganondorf had his forces kidnap the Gorons to sacrifice to Volvagia. Only Darunia, his son, the Goron Shop Owner, Medigoron, and Biggoron managed to escape being taken prisoner. Determined to save his people and defeat his ancestor's revived nemesis, Darunia left Goron City and journeyed to the temple, leaving his son behind in Goron City. Fortunately, the Hero of Time awoke and eventually made his way to Death Mountain after awakening the Sage of the Forest. Learning of the Goron's plight from Darunia's son, the Hero of Time journeyed to the Fire Temple to aid his sworn brother. Reuniting with his sworn brother, Darunia left the rescue of his fellow Gorons in the capable hands of the Hero, while he choose to face Volvagia. Darunia, who was unable to locate the legendary Megaton Hammer hidden in the temple, decided to face the dragon without it, but was unable to match the dragon's might without it and was defeated. Fortunately, the Hero of Time found the Hammer and after rescuing the Gorons, defeated the dragon. As a result, Darunia awoke as the Sage of Fire and gave the Hero the Fire Medallion. He would later assist the Hero in removing the Barrier of Fire blocking access to Ganon's Tower. Together with the other sages he sealed away Ganon in the Sacred Realm. Following Ganon's defeat Darunia joined his fellow sages atop Death Mountain observing the now peaceful Hyrule. He also befriended Saria, the Sage of the Forest, whose song he loved to dance to. Darunia would be remembered as an important historical figure. Stained glass portraits of him and his fellow sages would later appear in the hidden chamber of the Master Sword in the Era of the Great Sea.

War Across the Ages

When Cia used the Triforce to warp time and space to free the Spirit Fragment locked away in the Water Temple, Death Mountain from the Era of the Hero of Time appeared in Hyrule, transporting Darunia and the Gorons along with it. A girl calling herself Zelda appeared, causing Darunia and the Goron Forces he lead to become hostile and violent. Darunia captured fellow Sage Princess Ruto and held her prisoner on Death Mountain.

The Land of Myth

Eventually the current incarnations of Impa and Sheik appeared in the Era of the Hero of Time in order to close the Gate of Souls that had opened in the Water Temple. Soon the pair was approached by Navi the Fairy who explained the situation and Darunia's odd change in character. Impa and Sheik were determined to save Princess Ruto and discover the reason for the Sage of Fire's sudden change, as well as learn more about the girl who called herself Zelda. They were surprised at how hostile Darunia and the Gorons had become but continued to fight. Darunia had his Forces launch Boulders from two Keeps at the Hyrulean Forces base until Impa and Sheik managed to capture them. Eventually Darunia himself entered the battlefield to deal with them personally but was defeated, causing him to retreat back to his room. Soon he reappeared, fully healed and ready to fight. Impa and Sheik realized they had to break through the door to Darunia's room and came up with a plan to use one of the boulder keeps to launch a boulder at the door to destroy it. Despite Darunia and the Goron Forces' best efforts, they managed to destroy the door as well as Darunia's stash of Rock Sirloin, which he had been using to regain his strength. After fighting off a wave of Bombchu, Sheik and Impa confronted Darunia in his room. However, they discovered that he was being manipulated by Big Poes and realized they were the ones responsible for Darunia's strange behavior. Eventually they defeated the Big Poes and beat Darunia again, which allowed him to regain his senses. Admitting defeat and apologizing for his actions, Darunia released Ruto, who explained that the source of the problem was in Lake Hylia.

The Water Temple

Wanting to make amends for allowing himself to be manipulated, Darunia and the Goron Forces, along with the freed Ruto, joined Impa and Sheik's Hyrulean Forces in order to defeat the one calling herself Zelda. At Lake Hylia, Impa was stunned to see Princess Zelda apparently leading the army of monsters guarding the Gate of Souls. Convinced this Zelda was an imposter, she joined Sheik, Darunia, and Ruto in combating the fake Zelda in order to close the Gate of Souls. Darunia fought heroically alongside his allies, even confronting a revived King Dodongo. With the aid of his fellow Gorons and allies they defeated the Fake Zelda, who was revealed to be Wizzro, general of the Dark Forces, by the Lens of Truth. Sheik revealed her true identity as Princess Zelda and together she and Impa closed the Gate of Souls.

Linkle's Tale: Powers Collide

Having completed their task ahead of Lana and Link, Zelda and Impa returned to their era, leaving Darunia, Ruto, and the Goron Forces to defend Lake Hylia and the Water Temple from the Dark Forces. This proved to be a wise decision, as Cia's other general, Volga, appeared, flanked by his subordinates Dinolfos Chieftain and Lizalfos Chieftain. Meanwhile, a young Hylian girl named Linkle appeared from the same era as Zelda and Impa. Having gotten lost while on her way to Hyrule Castle, Linkle decided to aid Darunia and Ruto in fighting against Volga and the Dark Forces, as she believed herself to be the Legendary Hero. Darunia and Ruto welcomed her assistance and joined forces with her to defeat Volga. However, the sight of Volga, a Knight who could transform into a dragon and wore a helmet that resembled the head of Volvagia, apparently reminded him of his ancestor's nemesis and made Darunia even more determined to defeat the Dragon Knight, recklessly charging ahead of Linkle and Ruto. Confident he could defeat Volga with his legendary Hammer, Darunia pushed forward despite Ruto's attempt to advise him otherwise. Ruto's caution proved to be wise, as Darunia soon found himself surrounded by the Dark Forces. Fortunately, Linkle and Ruto arrived in time to assist him and together they defeated Volga's subordinates before Darunia challenged Volga. Volga accepted and the two warriors clashed. However, even with his Hammer, Volga's might proved to be stronger than even Volvagia's, but Darunia managed to defeat the Dragon Knight with the aid of Linkle and Ruto. Afterwards he and Ruto parted ways with Linkle.

The Allied Hyrulean Forces Unite

After all three Gate of Souls were closed, Darunia and Ruto joined up with their allies, Princess Zelda and Impa. They met the current incarnation of the Hero and the White Sorceress Lana, as well as their allies from other Eras: Twilight Princess Midna and Insect Princess Agitha from the Era of Twilight and Fi the Spirit of the Goddess Sword from the Era of Skyloft. Zelda apologized for her deception as Sheik and, at Midna's urging, Lana revealed that she and Cia were originally a single being. Cia was corrupted and the light was driven from her heart, and that "Light" became Lana. Lana then reveals that Cia was manipulated by none other than Darunia and Ruto's old enemy Ganondorf. He had gotten Cia to free the sealed fragments of his soul that had been broken and scattered across time by an incarnation of the Hero to end the cycle of strife over the Triforce. Meanwhile, Ganondorf regained his physical form and ended his alliance with Cia, deciding to steal the Triforce from her and break the seal on the final fragment of his soul by himself. Cia distracted him by sending the Triforces of Courage and Wisdom back to Zelda and Link before using the Triforce of Power she held onto to reseal him, as she had her own plans to conquer Hyrule.

The Sacred Sword

Believing the power of the Master Sword was required to defeat Cia, Zelda lead the allied Hyrulean Forces to the Temple of the Sacred Sword, which had been built to house the Master Sword, which kept the final fragment of Ganondorf's soul under seal. Darunia joined his allies and used his power as the Sage of Fire to awaken the Statue of Wave and Flame while having to contend with the Ghost Forces. Eventually he managed to awaken his statue, but he was exhausted after doing so and was forced to retreat. However through his actions he aided the current incarnation of the Hero in acquiring the Master Sword.

A War of Spirit

With the Master Sword in the hands of the Hero, Darunia joined his allies in assaulting Cia and the Dark Forces at the Temple of Souls. Wielding the legendary blade made Link become overconfident and reckless, just as Darunia had been during his encounter with Volga. Cia used the darkness in Link's heart to create doppelgängers of Link known as Dark Links. Darunia and his allies managed to fight off the Dark Links, but Link was eventually cornered by four more Dark Links. With the assistance of Midna he managed to block and counter one of the Dark Link's strikes, saving Link along with Lana, Impa, and Fi. His allies helped Link realize his limitations and allowed him to awaken the true spirit of the Hero, which allowed him to access the power of the True Master Sword. This was fortunate, as Ganondorf then appeared, determined to claim the pieces of the Triforce for himself. While Darunia retreated with the others, Link confronted the Demon King to protect Zelda, who was unable to flee due to Ganondorf's power. Link managed to defeat Ganondorf with the Master Sword, forcing the Demon King to retreat. Meanwhile, Cia fled the Temple of Souls and went back to the Valley of Seers.

Shining Beacon

Enduring Resolve

Liberation of the Triforce


Darunia (Hyrule Warriors) 2

As a member of the Goron race, Darunia possess his race's natural toughness and the ability to curl up into a ball and roll around. Darunia has some knowledge of Sumo, a martial art practiced among his people. However, like his ancestor, Darunia fights primarily with Hammers specially designed to be wielded by Gorons. As the Sage of Fire he can manipulate both fire and lava, as well as using Magic Circles to summon large boulders of hardened magma.

Moveset & Weapon

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Dark Darunia

Hyrule Warriors Darunia Dark Darunia (Dialog Box Portrait)

Dark Darunia's dialog box portrait from Hyrule Warriors

Dark Darunia is a Dark shadowy doppelgänger of Darunia that appears as an enemy in Adventure Mode. He uses the same moveset and drops the same Materials as Darunia.

Material Drops

  • Silver Material - Darunia's Spikes
  • Gold Material - Darunia's Bracelet


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