Daily Riches Shop is a Treasure Chest Shop found in Hytopia that appears in The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes.

The shop has four treasure chests, one of which contains a material reward, while the other three chests contain Freebies. The object of the game, is to pick the Treasure Chest containing said material. Link can change the current material to another random material by paying the owner 50 Rupees, which resets all the chests. It is actually impossible to lose at the game, even if Link picks only Freebie chests, he can still come back the next day and open the chest containing the material reward. Additionally, the Freebies can be used to create the Dapper Spinner Kit.

It should be noted that Link cannot use the Linebeck's Uniform to cheat as the owner informs Link that the chests in his shop are made of Linebeck's Uniform resistant materials, thus preventing him from using it to cheat by peeking into the chests.

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