"You've seen those weird rings of light that appear on the seas at night, haven't you? Yeah, well, those things are a sure sign that there's treasure in the deeps, fry! But let me tell you, there are some lights that don't always shine. Yeah. There are these special ones that shine like crazy, but only when you open a Treasure Chart! They say that those mark the spots where the greatest treasures are hidden!"

Cyclops Reef is a location from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. It consists of a walled territory, at the center of which is found a circular piece of reef which resembles an eye, hence the title "Cyclops". Like all reefs in The Wind Waker, when seen from above, it resembles a face on a six-sided die. There are several Warships, and Cannon Turrets scanning the area for intruders. If Link destroys the Cannon Turrets, he is rewarded with the Light Ring Chart, a chart revealing the location of all Light Rings. Seahats dwell in the waters around Cyclops Reef.

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