The Cucco Ranch is a location from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. It is, as its name implies, a ranch for raising Cuccos. At the Cucco Ranch, Link can play a mini-game in which he must dodge Cuccos flying at him from various directions for 30 seconds. Occasionally, yellow Cuccos will fly overhead, slightly obscuring the player's vision. It is more apparent that the yellow Cuccos will not fly into Link if the player has 3D turned on.

The mini-game can be played in four different levels: "Egg", "Chick", "Rooster", and "Endless". Each mode must first be unlocked by clearing the previous level at least once. The Egg level costs 20 Rupees per attempt and rewards Link with 40. The Chick level costs 30 Rupees and yields 60, and introduces large Cuccos which are more difficult to dodge. The Rooster level costs 50 Rupees and rewards Link with 150 Rupees for a successful attempt; in addition, the first time Link clears the Rooster level, he is rewarded with a Piece of Heart. Once Link clears the Rooster level, the special Endless level, in which there is no time goal and Link must simply dodge Cuccos for as long as he is able, is unlocked and playable for 10 Rupees. Every few minutes, the amount of Rupees if Link is hit by any Cuccos increases, but if the 999.99 second limit is reached, the Cucco Girl will stop Link and comment about how he managed to dodge all the Cuccos for such an amount of time, giving him the title of the Cucco Master and 3,000 Rupees. A large Cucco will then appear outside the ranch which only comes out in a blue moon, throwing hearts at Link if he gets close and talks to it. This is also shown in the end credits.