Crescent Moon Island

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This article is about the location from The Wind Waker. For the location from Oracle of Ages, see Crescent Island.
Crescent Moon Island
Crescent Moon Island
Crescent Moon Island
First appearance The Wind Waker (2003)
Country Great Sea
Point(s) of interest Ghost Ship
"You'd best be careful sailing these waters on nights when the moon is full. Well, if you like pure, soul-freezing horror, fry, then maybe you can handle it."

Crescent Moon Island is a location from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. An island on the Great Sea, it is crescent-moon shaped, and located within square A5 of the Sea Chart.

Points of Interest

Crescent Moon Island contains or is in striking distance of a number of treasures including two Blue ChuChus, Treasure Chart #10, a Submarine, and a Piece of Heart.

Also, the Ghost Ship appears in the vicinity of the island during a full moon.

For some reason, Gyorgs like to inhabit this sector, but there isn't much else of note.


  • Two Blue ChuChus
  • Treasure Chart #10
  • Submarine containing Treasure Chart #9. (Old Man Ho Ho is looking at it on the Island through his telescope.)
  • Piece of Heart (Using Treasure Chart #11)

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