"I'm going by wagon into town. Would you like a ride?"

Cremia's Carriage is an object from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. It is used to transport Cremia's milk to the Milk Bar in Clock Town on the night of the Second Day, provided that Romani was not abducted by "Them" the night before.

Cremia prepares the carriage during the day and informs Link that she will be departing at 6 p.m. if he wishes to accompany her. Once the two exit Romani Ranch, they find that Milk Road has been blocked off and they are forced to go through the Gorman Track, which Cremia calls "ugly country". Once they do this, Cremia tells Link that she will get them through the area as fast as she can and Link stands in the back of the carriage with his Hero's Bow to protect the milk. At this point, the Gorman Brothers, disguised in Garo's Masks, begin pursuing the carriage on horseback. They wield pitchforks and attempt to break the bottles, thus preventing the carriage from delivering its milk supply to Mr. Barten at the Milk Bar.

Link is tasked with shooting them before they get in range to strike, pushing them back when he does. The designated Gorman Brother that is about to ride in to strike will give out a battle cry and raise his pitchfork in the air before he does so; this will give Link a better sense of when to shoot. Alternatively, if Link is wearing the Circus Leader's Mask, the Gorman Brothers will pursue the carriage, but will never charge forward to attack; however, since this mask can only be obtained if Link has successfully protected the carriage at least once, this tactic can only be used for subsequent attempts. Once the carriage exits the boundaries of the Gorman Track, it will successfully make it to Clock Town. Once it does, Cremia will thank Link and give him Romani's Mask, which grants him membership to the exclusive Milk Bar. If Link has already received Romani's Mask during a previous three-day cycle, Cremia will either give him 200 Rupees or a hug.