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"This fishlike monster is said to settle disputes with another of its species purely by the magnificence of its bulbous crowns. When this creature chooses its prey, it will turn red with excitement and charge head-on. Stopping such an assault could prove difficult."

Craniocs are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. They are fish-like creatures that inhabit Lake Floria, Lanayru Sand Sea, and Faron Woods while it is flooded. When Link enters their territory, they turn red and charge at him, chasing him if he remains at their depth. They cannot go too deep or too high, preferring to stay within their particular depth; as such, an effective escape is simply to dive deeper or rise higher in the water. Craniocs are said to settle disputes with each other by the magnificence of their bulbous crowns, which seems to explain the scars on their foreheads.

Despite their size, Craniocs can be easily stunned by Link's underwater spin maneuver, and defeated by a second spin. If a Cranioc charges into a wall while attempting to attack Link, it will be stunned for a moment and can be defeated with a spin attack.


The name Cranioc is likely derived from "cranium", in reference to their bulbous heads.

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