"You have not seen a cradle come floating by here, have you? It is a baby's cradle made of finely woven tree bark... Oh, such a misfortune... How far could it have drifted, I wonder..."

The Cradle is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Crafted by Uli, it was once used as a bed for Colin when he was a baby.


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With an unborn child on the way, Uli had intended to repurpose Colin's old cradle, which she had kept safe for many years, to accommodate the newborn. During the opening portion of the game, the cradle has been stolen by a monkey who has been causing trouble in Ordon Village. Spotting the monkey at the far end of the creek flowing through the village, Link looks for a way to retrieve the Cradle. With the help of Jaggle, Link learns how to use Hawk Grass to summon a hawk with which to attack the monkey. This causes the monkey to drop the cradle it was holding, allowing Link to regain it and bring it back to the grateful Uli, who is suddenly reminded of the Fishing Rod she was supposed to give to Link, and does so.

Interestingly, the Cradle will float in water and its implied by Uli that it may have gotten carried away by the stream, indicating that the Female Monkey may not have actually stolen it, but simply found it after it had floated down the stream. If Link leaves the area after retrieving it from the Monkey but does not return it, the Cradle will appear on the grassy column with the Hawk Grass near where Jaggle is sitting. Also if Link takes it to Uli without talking to her first, she will ask if Link somehow knew of her plight and tracked it down for her.

In the end credits sequence, Rusl and Uli's newborn daughter is seen sleeping in the cradle, with Uli sitting nearby.

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