"Now that the bridge over Gerudo Valley is complete, I'm looking for a challenger to have a commemorative race against."
Running Man

The Commemorative Race, also known as the Marathon, is a mini-game from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. When Link is an adult, he finds the Carpenters' tent in Gerudo Valley. Due to the Carpenters running off to join the Gerudo, the bridge in the valley is out of order and there is nobody to repair it. After Link rescues the four imprisoned Carpenters from Gerudo's Fortress, they return to the tent in Gerudo Valley where they repair the bridge. After this is done, Link can talk to the Running Man, who is living in the tent with the Carpenters. He will ask Link to race him to commemorate the completion of the bridge; if Link accepts, the Running Man explains that they will race to the bridge in the Lost Woods and gives Link a head start. Link must leave the tent and speed off to the Lost Woods. No matter how quickly Link travels, however, he will never be able to beat the Running Man; when Link arrives at the bridge, he will find the runner sitting down waiting for Link's arrival. Whatever Link's time may be, the Running Man will always claim to have beaten him by one second. Regardless, Link's time will still be marked on the note in his house.

Many rumors have surfaced as to possible ways that Link can beat the Running Man, but all have been dubbed false. It is unknown if, in an earlier version of the game, Link was able to beat him; however, in the official release, there is no possible way to reach the Lost Woods first, even through the use of hacked warping.