"Ding dong, ding dong! I'm a clock soldier of Kakariko! The current time is: 00:00. Hello there, son. Zelda's attendant, the great Impa, opened this village to the common people. We have only a small population now, but someday this place will be as lively as Hyrule Castle Town! Oh, yes! It will! Climb up the stairs at the north end of the village to find the trail that leads up Death Mountain. But you need the King's permission to actually go up the mountain."
— Clock Soldier at the entrance to Kakariko Village

The Clock Soldiers are two characters from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. They are unnamed Hyrulean Soldiers who guard Kakariko Village when Link is a child; in addition to this, the guards also keep track of the time, telling Link exactly what the in-game clock is when he talks to them. One Clock Soldier stands at the entrance to the village and the other guards Impa's house.


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The Clock Soldiers are two of the three Hyrulean Soldiers stationed in Kakariko Village rather than Hyrule Castle. The other one is the Keaton Mask Soldier who stands at the Death Mountain Trail Starting Point.

Interestingly, when Link first visits Kakariko Village, the soldier outside Impa's house does not tell Link the time. Later in the game, however, he picks up the role of Clock Soldier.

When Link is an adult, the Clock Soldiers no longer guard Kakariko Village. This is likely because Ganondorf seized control of Hyrule, causing the Royal Family to lose power; without the Royal Family, the Hyrulean Soldiers were probably disbanded.

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