Clean Cut is a mini-game from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Found on Bamboo Island, it is a challenge that requires Link to cut a tall piece of bamboo as many times as he can with his sword. Cutting bamboo becomes easier once Link obtains the Goddess Longsword. A Gossip Stone on Bamboo Island claims that Peater holds the record with 43 slices, although this is doubted by many.

If Link is able to slice the bamboo at least 15 to 19 times, he is rewarded with up to 30 Rupees. If Link is able to slice the bamboo 20 - 27 times, he is rewarded with an Evil Crystal or Monster Horn. If Link is able to slice the bamboo at least 28 times, he is rewarded a Blue Bird Feather, a Goddess Plume, or a Golden Skull. It is worth noting that there is no acknowledgement from Peater if Link breaks his record of 43 cuts, furthering doubt on Peater's claimed record.

Because the score is saved as a 6-bit integer, any score higher than 64 will reset the score counter; for example, 65 cuts will count as only 1.

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