"That book was written by an amazing chef, Aurie Taamu. Just between us... He was the voe that our teacher was in love with once. Or so I hear... If you can't reach it, would you like me to read it for you?"

Chef Aurie Taamu, Vol. 2 is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is one of the books used by the Gerudo who attend Ashai's cooking class at night. It includes information on cooking, Monster Extract, and selling dishes. It is located atop some books, so too high and inaccessible for Link. He thus requires Dina, one of Ashai's students to read it for him. The book can only be read at night when Ashai is holding her cooking class.

Cook Book

"Cooking for Success?"

"Sometimes you'll witness incredible success in your cooking adventures. When this happens, the strength and duration of your cooked food's effects will increase well beyond normal. Using more than the usual number of ingredients is a sure way to boost the effects of your food. But I've also heard rumors that the light of the red moon can have a positive effect on your cooking as well. I haven't checked this myself, though. I get sleepy in the evenings, so I've never even seen the red moon."
— Chef Aurie Taamu, Vol. 2

"Monster Extract?"

"Monster extract is an ingredient that boosts the effects of any dish that it has been added to. With just one monster extract, you can raise the power and duration of the effects of your dish. However, you never really know quite how the dish will turn out. Sometimes it will raise the effect by a lot, and other times... Well, not so much. However I, Aurie Taamu, am not a man who relies solely on luck!"
— Chef Aurie Taamu, Vol. 2

"A Fortune in Food?"

"There are many in the world who will gladly pay for the dishes a chef creates! A cooked meal can easily sell for more than the individual components you used to make it. And don't forget, the more ingredients you pour into a meal, the greater the value of that meal! That's basic math! Did I learn all this from experience? No, of course not! I learned it from a friend! A dear friend! Who was a great chef! I can't recall his name right now, but he was a friend, to be sure!"
— Chef Aurie Taamu, Vol. 2

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