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"If you would... For the sake of peace in Hyrule... Would you please make a donation?"
— Charlo

Charlo is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. He is an old Hylian man found near the Ordon Goat pen in the western thoroughfare of Hyrule Castle Town; here, he collects donations of Rupees "for the sake of peace in Hyrule." After each donation, Charlo claims that Link will be surrounded by love, but if Link chooses to make a donation when he has under thirty Rupees, Charlo will call him a "callous youth" and say to work before praying for peace, and Link cannot make a donation. After Link donates a total of 1,000 Rupees, love does indeed "descend" upon Link, as he receives a Piece of Heart from the heavens.

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