Princes Charles of Moria, also known as Sir Charles, is a character from The Shadow Prince, a choose your own adventure book based on The Legend of Zelda series. He is a mysterious prince from the distant land of Moria, come to Hyrule in order to perform good deeds so he might meet the requirements of becoming a king.


Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.

Link and Zelda first meet Charles in Midoro Swamp where he saves them from a group of Moblins. They invite him back to the North Castle where the King of Hyrule welcomes him. However Link slowly starts to become suspicious of Charles and eventually discovers he is really Ganon in disguise, seeking to obtain the Triforce of Wisdom. Due to the nature of the book, whether Link successfully manages to defeat Charles is up to the reader with several of the endings involve Charles succeeding. Ganon can only maintain the guise of Charles by wearing a special necklace.

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