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"With the princess as their commander, we dubbed these pilots Champions - a name that would solidify their unique bond."
Rhoam Bosphoramus Hyrule

The Champions are a group of characters from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Zelda was the commander of the Champions, assisted by her appointed knight, Link, and the chosen four Divine Beasts pilots; Daruk, Mipha, Revali and Urbosa. The Champions all wear blue clothing; blue shirts are worn by Zelda and Link and blue scarves are worn by Daruk, Mipha, Revali and Urbosa. Link's blue shirt is actually a Tunic called the Champion's Tunic while Zelda's shirt is apparently part of causal clothing she wears while travelling as she normally waers a white dress when praying, as well as elaborate dress robes at home and during the Champions' inauguration ceremony. Urbosa wears her scarf as a skirt.


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The Commander
of the Champions
The Hylian Champion
Royal Knight Captain
The Goron Champion
Vah Rudania's pilot
The Zora Champion
Vah Ruta's pilot
The Rito Champion
Vah Medoh's pilot
The Gerudo Champion
Vah Naboris' pilot


Many years ago, the people of Hyrule discovered the ancient relics, including the Guardians and the four Divine Beasts. This discovery coincided with the ancient legends about repeated events in their history, as well as a prophecy concerning the return of Ganon.

King Rhoam, with the Royal Family of Hyrule and the people of Hyrule decided to follow their ancestors' path and heed the prophecy. They selected four warriors from four different species across Hyrule with the duty of piloting the Divine Beasts, commanded by Zelda and her appointed knight, Link. These four warriors consisted of the Zora Princess Mipha, the Goron warrior Daruk, the Gerudo Chieftain Urbosa, and the Rito warrior Revali.

Picture of the Champions (Breath of the Wild)

The Picture of the Champions that was taken by Purah during the Champions' inauguration ceremony

This group was named the Champions after the group that according to legend defeated Calamity Ganon using the Divine Beasts ten thousand years before the events of Breath of the Wild. Mipha and Link had known each other since Link was four your old Hylian swordsman prodigy. However Zelda and Revali both resented Link's talent as a prodigy and hero chosen by the Master Sword. Zelda treated Link poorly seeing him as a reminder of her own failure to awaken her power though she got along with the other Champions especially Urbosa who was a close friend of her late mother and had watched over Zelda following her mother's death. Revali found Zelda's speech when she recruited him corny though was swayed by the determination in her eyes and respected her dedication to her training even if he didn't completely understand how hard she was struggling. Daruk seemed to understand her tendency to be too focused on her own problems though suggested she perform a ceremony with Link during the Champions' inauguration ceremony though Zelda's resentment of Link was plain to be seen. At the end of the ceremony, Purah took the Picture of the Champions with the Sheikah Slate's Camera Rune, though Zelda and the others were caught off-guard by Daruk pulling them close resulting in a candid group photo with Zelda in the center. Mipha also became somewhat jealous of Zelda after Link (whom Mipha had a crush on since childhood) was assigned to be Captain of Zelda's Royal Guard by King Rhoam after defeating a Guardian that went haywire during a test at Hyrule Castle which Link's sworn brother Daruk had witnessed. However Mipha kept her feelings in check and did not let her jealousy ruin her professional relationship with her Hylian counterpart and had become a Champion to protect her people and beloved Link with support from her father King Dorephan despite her mentors Muzu and Seggin being against her fighting. When Zelda took advantage of Gerudo Town law to allude Link's protection detail, Link sought Urbosa's aid accessing Gerudo Town with Urbosa teaching him a secret trick to fooling the guards by disguising himself as a Hylian girl. Unfortunately Zelda left by the time Link entered though Urbosa later found Zelda had fallen asleep calibrating Vah Naboris and Urbosa informed Link of her whereabouts hoping they would eventually get along. Zelda became close to Link after he foiled an assassination attempt by the Yiga Clan near Kara Kara Bazaar. Urbosa would also foil another assassination attempt by disguised Yiga Clansmen but Zelda convinced Urbosa to spare their lives knowing how unfairly the Sheikah had been treated in the past which was the source of the Yiga Clan's antagonism towards Hyrule. However Urbosa kept tabs on the Yiga with Urbosa's Gerudo soldiers discovering a plot to steal the Chief's Thunder Helm. During a visit to Goron City, Daruk offered Zelda a Rock Roast as a previous incident with Link consuming one lead Daruk to believe Hylians could eat rocks. Zelda however declined with a grimace though Daruk assumed she had something foul weighing on her mind and wasn't hungry. Zelda learned Link was quite the glutton given his love of food and secretly shouldered the burden of his destiny in silence. Zelda began to slowly open up to Link. She came to admire his courage and dedication to his knightly training though admonished him for being reckless noting their was a thin line between courage and recklessness in an attempt to convince him not to push himself so hard out of genuine concern. She was also familiar with Link's father a Royal Knight and noted Link how Link was following in his footsteps though wondered what his choice would have been were his situation more like her own. However she enjoyed talking to him about her interests and her admiration for the Silent Princess an endangered species of flower. Humorously after catching a Hot-Footed Frog, Zelda tried to convince Link to consume it raw to test its effects failing to realize it had to be cooked into a Hasty Elixir first due to her excitement and notice Link was visibly disgusted by the prospect of eating it showing she could be unintentionally pushy towards him at times despite their newfound friendship. However the Champions all tried to support Zelda as she struggled to awaken her power. They all consoled her when they failed to awaken at the Spring of Wisdom. When Ganon returned Daruk rallied his fellow pilots to their Divine Beasts and told Link he'd have their support. Urbosa at first wanted to take Zelda to safety by she refused to hide and decided to join them without her powers which none of them objected to.

Unfortunately, Calamity Ganon used four blights he spawned to take control of the Divine Beasts; killing Daruk, Mipha, Revali and Urbosa and imprisoning their spirits in the process. Succeeding in taking control of the Divine Beasts, Calamity Ganon proceeded to take control of the Guardians to use against the people of Hyrule. He then destroyed Hyrule Castle Town and devastated Hyrule, all while slaughtering countless innocents.

The remaining champions Link and Zelda were confronted by an army of Guardians at Fort Hateno. Despite wielding the Master Sword and destroying countless guardians, there were too many guardians for Link to handle by himself.

Severely wounded and unable to evade, Link was about be killed by a guardian, when Zelda ran to Link to shield him from the fatal blow. It was then that Zelda`s powers awoke itself, allowing her to shut down the guardians. Despite the guardians being stopped, Link succumbed to his injuries and died.

Heartbroken over Link`s death, Zelda wept at his body in sadness. Responding to the situation, the Master Sword activated on its own and spoke to Zelda. The Master Sword revealed to Zelda that Link can still be saved, then gave her instructions on how to do so.

Wasting no time, Zelda requested her Sheikah allies Impa, Purah, and Robbie to send Link in the Shrine of Resurrection on the Great Plateau, and place him in the untested Slumber of Restoration. Zelda then returned the battle-damaged Master Sword to its pedestal in front of the Great Deku Tree. Finally, Zelda used her newly awoken powers to seal Ganon and herself within Hyrule Castle.

Daruk, Mipha, Revali and Urbosa remained powerless for a century until Link freed the Divine Beasts from Ganon's influence, allowing the spirits to complete their task.


Each of the Champions is associated with a specific item usually a weapon, shied, or even armor. In the case of Link he is associated with the traditional weapon of the Hero, the Master Sword which he had been chosen to bare by the time of his visit to Zora's Domain after becoming a Knight of Hyrule but before joining the Royal Guard or Champions. Link is also associated with the Champion's Tunic which Impa took possession of after Link was injured. Link often wore it with a pair of common Hylian Trousers before and during the Great Calamity. The Champion's Tunic allows Link to see enemy hit points and once fully upgraded grants 32 defense making it the strongest single piece of armor in terms of defense. Additionally the hero is traditionally associated with the Hylian Shield though Link does not wield one until a century after the Great Calamity when he acquires one from Hyrule Castle Lockup by defeating a Stalnox during the Test of the Royal Guard. The Hylian Shield is the strongest Shield in Hyrule and replacements can be purchased from Robbie's son Granté at the Rare Armor Shop in Tarrey Town after "From the Ground Up" is completed. In fact Link is never shown wielding a shield in any of his recovered memories as he only wields the Master Sword. Link also acquires his own set of traditional Hero's Clothes from the Sheikah Monks after completing all 120 Shrines which were made especially for him by the monks.

Princess Zelda is associated with the Bow of Light and Sheikah Slate both of which are eventually wielded by Link.

Princess Mipha is associated with the Lightscale Trident and Zora Armor. The Lightscale Trident was forged by the Zora smith Dento and became venerated by the Zora after her death when Mipha spoke through the Trident resulting in the Zora creating the Champion Festival and Dento created a weaker replica called the Ceremonial Trident for ceremonial purposes while King Dorephan kept the Lightscale Trident as an heirloom and treasure of the Zora Royal Family. The Zora Armor was created by Mipha for Link in accordance to Zora tradition of Zora Princess crafting armor for their future husbands as Mipha originally hoped to marry him after Ganon's defeat. King Dorephan later gave the armor to Link despite Muzu's objections. The armor allows Link to swim faster and up waterfalls like a Zora. Additionally it is part of a set along with the Zora Helm and Zora Greaves though Mipha isn't apparently strongly associated with either of them as she is with the Zora Armor. After Vah Ruta was freed, Dorephan gives Link Mipha's Lightscale Trident, the strongest Zora made polearm which can be reforged by the elderly Dento.

Urbosa is associated with the Thunder Helm, Daybreaker shied, and Scimitar of the Seven which became passed down among the Gerudo Chieftain to Makeela Riju. However the Yiga Clan plotted to steal the Thunder Helm for over a century before finally doing so. Link however recovers it at Riju's behest and uses it to draw Vah Naboris' lighting. After freeing Vah Naboris, Link is given the Daybreaker amd Scimitar of the Seven which can be reforged by Riju's bodyguard Buliara. Riju later allows Link to borrow the Thunder Helm after helping her people with various problems.

Daruk wields the Boulder Breaker hammer sword which could be viewed as Daruk's equivalent to the Hero of the Gorons mighty Megaton Hammer. Like the Megaton Hammer, after Daruk's death it becomes a legendary Goron weapon. The weapon is passed down among the Goron Patriarchs to Bludo. Bludo awards it to Link for freeing Vah Rudania and can be reforged by the elderly Goron blacksmith Rohan.

Revali is associated with the Great Eagle Bow the strongest Rito made bow and the only multi-fire Rito bow. Revali was a talented archer wielding it with great skill. After his death it was passed down among Rito Elders to Kaneli. After Link frees Vah Medoh, Kaneli gives Link the bow which can be reforged by the bowsmith Harth who recovers from wounds inflicted by Vah Medoh's cannons.


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Legend of the Original Champions

According to an old legend told to Link by Impa through a story and Kass through an old song, ten thousand years before the events of Breath of the Wild, there was an early incarnation of the Champions who were recruited to pilot the Divine Beasts created by the Sheikah to combat Ganon and assist the Goddess-blood princess (an incarnation of Zelda) and the heroic knight (an incarnation of Link) in defeating Calamity Ganon. According to this legend, these Champions were successful in defeating and sealing Ganon.

It is strongly implied that this legend is in fact based on historic events and it is implied that after the Divine Beasts and Guardians had been used to defeat Ganon, the people began to fear the misuse of Sheikah technology and the Sheikah became outcasts; most Sheikah likely decided to bury the Divine Beasts and Guardians to prevent their misuse, yet would remain in Hyrule in case they were needed. Before the Great Calamity, King Rhoam and Princess Zelda became aware that Ganon would soon return and decided to have the Divine Beasts and Guardians excavated so they could be used to combat Ganon once more and recruited a new group of Champions to pilot them. However, Calamity Ganon, due to his previous battles with them and recognizing the power of the Divine Beasts and Guardians as a threat to him, took advantage of the technology that was used to seal him previously, catching the current incarnation of the Champions off-guard, resulting in the Great Calamity and the events of Breath of the Wild.

During both versions of the legend the old Sheikah tapestry depicting the ancient battle shows Calamity Ganon surrounded by an army of Guardians, Sheikah Monks, and the Champion piloted Divine Beasts supporting the Princess and Hero in confronting Calamity Ganon. This tapestry is hung behind Impa in her house in Kakariko Village and it is implied the legend had been passed down among the Sheikah as Kass' mentor was a Sheikah court poet of the Royal Family that served Princess Zelda before the Great Calamity and presumably taught Kass the song version.

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