"Kilton at Fang and Bone is way more interested in researching monsters than any normal person should be. I'd kind of like to meet him just to see what kind of weirdo loves monsters THAT much."
— Chabi

Chabi is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. She is a Hylian traveler whom Link can encounter on his journey throughout Hyrule.


Chabi is a young Hylian woman who heard tales of the monster researcher Kilton and his shop the Fang and Bone. Curious about what kind of person would be interested into monsters, Chabi sets out to find the Fang and Bone. During his quest, Link may encounter Chabi in certain areas being attacked by monsters. Link can rescue her by killing the monsters and then speak to her. She will thank him and reward him with Monster Extract and then explain her search for Kilton and his shop. Link can encounter her again and rescue her from monsters as a way to receive more Monster Extract and a tip on how to find Kilton shop at Skull Lake in the Deep Akkala region.