Calip is a character in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He is a Hylian archeologist who lives in a cabin on the East Necluda side of Fort Hateno researching An Ancient Text which has ties to a nearby dead end clearing where several guardian deity statues can be found. Calip occasionally leaves his cabin to do field work at this clearing, though he often flees back to his cabin at the slightest amount of rain to avoid even the slightest risk of being struck by lightning as he wears metal framed glasses and is well aware that lightning is attracted to metallic objects, presumably due to his scientific background. As a result he will remain in his cabin until the rain stops. His cabin has a Bed where Link can rest at anytime as Calip rarely sleeps due to staying up nights pondering. As a result, Calip's cabin serves as a good place to take shelter and sleep before continuing on his journey. Link can also read the translated An Ancient Text.

Related Shrine Quest

Main article: The Cursed Statue

If Link speaks to Calip he will tell him that has managed to translate some of the text and is currently working to solve its meaning which he believes is tied to the guardian deity statues nearby. This leads to "The Cursed Statue" Shrine Quest where Link can work to solve the riddle of An Ancient Text to reveal the Kam Urog Shrine. After solving the riddle and revealing the Shrine, Calip will continue his research as he is unaware that Link solved it and takes its appearance as a "stroke of luck", thus decides to redouble his efforts. Link can open the Shrine to activate its Travel Gate which due to its location functions as a fast travel point for the Fort Hateno area.