Calamareyes are the mini-bosses of Poison Moth's Lair, the third dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. They are a group of three squid-like creatures.


Each one emerges from one of eight patches of water around the center of the room and shoots fireballs at Link, before diving and re-emerging from a different one. Link must lift them out of the water with the Power Bracelet, throw them, and hit them with his Sword as many times as possible before they get back to the water, at which point he must lift them out of the water again before resuming his assault.


Calamareye (Oracle of Seasons)01:07

Calamareye (Oracle of Seasons)


The name "Calamareye" is a portmanteau of the words calamari, which is Italian for squid and often refers to squid prepared as food, and eye, referring to the prominent eyes of a Calamareye.

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