Buliara is a character in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. She is a Gerudo soldier who can be found at Gerudo Town in the Gerudo Desert region of Hyrule. Buliara is Gerudo Chieftain Makeela Riju's personal bodyguard and is a strong woman dedicated to her job. She is a skilled swordswoman who wields a two-handed Golden Claymore which is only the most talented Gerudo sword fighters carry.

In addition to her role as Riju's personal bodyguard, she is also a skilled blacksmith capable of reforging Gerudo Champion Urbosa's legendary Daybreaker shield and Scimitar of the Seven. She is also knowledgeable about the legendary Master Sword as she will make note of its absence if Link meets with Riju before obtaining it.


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Buliara is the bodyguard of Makeela Riju, the current Gerudo Chieftain who rules over the Gerudo after the death of her mother despite her young age. As a result Buliara acts as both Riju's bodyguard and advisor due to being older and more experienced. It is implied that Buliara previously served Riju's mother, which may explain her devotion to Riju. After Riju become separated from her Sand Seal Patricia after a monster spooked her while she was returning home following her investigation of the reawakened Vah Naboris, a worried Buliara found her. Buliara blamed herself for what happened despite Riju herself admitting she was at fault for going off on her own. As a result Buliara refused to leave Riju's side even after the Thunder Helm was stolen by the Yiga Clan, leaving its recovery to Captain Teake and Gerudo Town's soldiers who were determined to restore their honor which had been wounded as a result of the Yiga Clan's attack.

When Link disguised as a Hylian "vai" (woman) enters the throne room of Riju's place, Buliara confront "her", though Riju notices the Sheikah Slate Link is carrying which she and Buliara known is related to Princess Zelda whom the Gerudo remain loyal to. Riju suspects Link to be the Hylian Champion, though as they are talking Buliara remembers the only female Hylian member of the Champions to be Zelda herself, causing her to correctly identify Link as a "voe" (man) in disguise in violation of Gerudo law as voe are forbidden to enter Gerudo Town. However out of respect for his status and being a comrade of Lady Urbosa, Riju allows Link to remain in Gerudo Town while in disguise, though requests his aid in stopping Vah Naboris. Buliara then reminds Riju of the Thunder Helm and suggests they have Link retrieve it from the Yiga Clan to test him as it will be needed to access Vah Naboris. Riju agrees and Link is told to talk to Captain Teake to learn what she and the other soldiers have found out about the location of the Yiga Clan Hideout. Link learns that it is hidden in Karusa Valley and infiltrates the hideout where he confronts the Yiga Clan's leader Master Kohga whom he slays to retrieve the Thunder Helm. After returning to Gerudo Town, Buliara tells Link to meet Riju in her room where she explains the plan to take on Vah Naboris. With Riju's help, Link manages to enter Vah Naboris and confront Thunderblight Ganon to avenge Urbosa who had been killed by the beast during the Great Calamity. After Thunderblight Ganon is slain, Urbosa's spirit is freed and she takes control of Vah Naboris to remove the threat it posed to Gerudo Town. Riju and Buliara reward Link for his efforts by giving him the legendary Daybreaker and Scimitar of the Seven, which Buliara herself can reforge if they break. As a result Buliara functions as the Gerudo Blacksmith for the rest of the game.

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