Bug Heaven is a mini-game from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Found on Bug Rock, it is a bug-catching game that Link can play after defeating Bilocyte. During the mini-game, Link must find and catch bugs with his Bug-Catching Net, the species of which are decided by Strich.

In a side quest for Beedle, Link will find Beedle's Insect Cage in Strich's possession. To win the insect back, Link must find and catch ten bugs of Strich's choosing in less than three minutes.


In Bug Heaven, Link is offered two choices for a course—Bug Beginner for 20 Rupees or Bug wrangler for 50. In the Beginner course, Link must catch a Skyloft Mantis, a Volcanic Ladybug, a Lanayru Ant, Sky Stag Beetle, and a Starry Firefly. In the Wrangler course, Link must catch two Faron Grasshoppers, a Woodland Rhino Beetle, a Skyloft Mantis, a Lanayru Ant, a Sand Cicada, a Gerudo Dragonfly, and two Eldin Rollers.


The bugs received are always chosen as a reward randomly, and always in groups of five. Also, only one set of five will be won each time.


  • Deku Hornet x5
  • Blessed Butterfly x5
  • Skyloft Mantis x5
  • Sky Stag Beetle x5

Wrangler (under 3 minutes)-

  • Woodland Rhino Beetle x5
  • Gerudo Dragonfly x5
  • Lanayru Ant x5
  • Volcanic Ladybug x5

Wrangler (under 2 minutes)-

  • Eldin Roller x5
  • Sand Cicada x5
  • Faron Grasshopper x5
  • Starry Firefly x5
  • Volcanic Ladybug x5

The faster Link completes the courses, the better bugs he gets.

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