Botrick is a character in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Botrick is a Hylian traveler who can occasionally be found at Outskirt Stable in the Hyrule Field region or along the path that leads to the stable as well as the path that leads to Digdogg Suspension Bridge. He can also occasionally be found resting under the tree near the fork in the road where the roads lead to the stable and the bridge meet.

It is possible that Botrick is an homage to Satoru Iwata. He has a similar appearance as Iwata, with the same characteristic hairstyle and glasses. This idea is reinforced with the name of the Lord of the Mountain's location, Satori Mountain (with "Satori" referencing "Satoru"), when Link speaks to Botrick at the stable.


Botrick acts as a traveling merchant who sells Arrows to other travelers.

Item Stock Price (Rupees)
Arrow 10 5
Arrows (x5) 3 20
Fire Arrow 5 20
Fire Arrows (x5) 2 80

Rainy Day Special

Botrick will sell extra

Item Stock Price (Rupees)
Arrow 10
Arrows (x10) 3 20
Fire Arrow 5 20
Fire Arrows (x5) 3 80
Ice Arrows (x5)

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