"♪ Yo ho ho! Who is it that goes? Friend or foe? Who is it? Do I know? ♪ For bombs you seem to be searchin'. Well then, leave me to my researchin'!"
— Bomb-Shop Man

The Bomb-Shop Man is a character from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds . He runs the Bomb Flower Store south of Thieves' Town in Lorule and usually speaks in songs and rhyme. The Bomb-Shop Man greets Link when the hero first enters his store and wonders if he is a friend or foe. He guesses that Link is searching for Bombs, but explains that he currently has nothing to show. However, he does have the Big Bomb Flower available, which he is willing to lend out for unlimited uses after a one-time fee. Regardless of whether Link wants to know more or not, the Bomb-Shop Man tells him that the flower next to his house is actually a large bomb that can follow Link and destroy large boulders, but it can be dangerous due to it exploding at the slightest touch. The Bomb-Shop Man offers the Big Bomb Flower to Link for 200 Rupees, boasting that it cannot be found anywhere else. Unless he agrees, Link is not permitted to enter the Bomb-Shop Man's garden. After Link purchases the flower, he urges the hero to go outside and try it out, reminding him that the flower always grows back. Whenever Link visits him afterward, the Bomb-Shop Man warns Link that the Big Bomb Flower is very powerful.