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Bokoblin Captains are the captains of Bokoblin units in Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends. They are slightly larger Red Bokoblins that wear leather caps. They fight wielding swords and large rectangular spiked shields.

Like most captain units in the Hyrule Warriors series, Bokoblin Captains are slightly stronger and more durable than the troops they lead, though like Stalfos and Bulblin Captains, they are weak when compared to Enforcer units like Moblins and Darknut, as they can be easily taken out with a few Strong Attacks, combo attacks, Special Attack, and/or Focus Spirit Attack. Like the troops they lead, they lack a Weak Point Gauge and thus Weak Point Smashs cannot be performed on them, however they can still take damage if they get caught in a Weak Point Smash performed on another enemy.

Though normally encountered as enemy units, they occasionally appear as allied units in some scenarios.

As Bokoblins are one of the most common enemy units encountered, Bokoblin Captains are one of the most common Captain type enemies in the Hyrule Warriors series.

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