The Boat Rental Cabin is a shop from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. It is located in the Upper Zora's River area, and is owned by Iza. It appears to be a small wooden lodge built over the river. A floating bridge allows customers to cross the river to reach the entrance. Here, Link can rent a boat for 20 Rupees. Renting a boat places Link in a mini-game of sorts, known as Iza's Rapid Ride, where Link can win a Giant Bomb Bag if he scores at least 25 points.

Early in the game, Iza says that the ride is closed. It is accessible after Link defeats the Shadow Beast that scares Iza, causing her to flee inside the shop. Iza then allows Link to rent a boat, and asks him to clear the boulders disturbing the flow of the river. Once Link does this, he is allowed entry into the shop. After paying the fee, he paddles down river following Iza's Assistant.

Inside the Boat Rental Cabin, if Link shoots the jar hanging from the roof with a Bomb Arrow, Iza will cry out and tell him off for vandalizing her property. If Link does it again, she demands 10 Rupees and gets angry when Link refuses to pay her. Link cannot play the mini-game she offers until he pays up. Interestingly, if Link breaks the pots that are around the corner in her view, she doesn't seem to care. This suggests that whatever was in the jar was reasonably valuable. It should be noted that if Link breaks the jar and doesn't pay the 10 Rupee fine and waits several in-game days, Iza will forget that it ever happened, and Link may play the mini-game for the regular fee.