For the recurring enemies in the The Legend of Zelda series, see Bullbo.

Boars are a race of animals from Breath of the Wild. Link can hunt these wild pigs throughout the grasslands and forests of Hyrule. They will either chose to flee from Link, or charge at him as a form of self-defense. There are two subspecies of boar in game, Woodland and Red-Tusked. Both species are stocky and broad shouldered in build. They have beady eyes and a long narrow snout which it uses for grazing. Like all the wild animals in the game, boars can be hunted for food, including by Bokoblins who will chase after any boars that wander near their camp in an attempt to kill and eat them.

Woodland Boar

Woodland boars are covered in a brown pelt which is lighter around the abdomen and head, with darker spots across the back. The underbelly, mane and facial hair are a light sandy color. They have short curved tusks of white ivory. This type of boar is the most common and the least dangerous, this does not however mean that they are harmless as they will almost always charge at Link if he gets too close. Woodland boars drop Raw Meat when killed.

Red-Tusked Boar

Red-Tusked boars have a sooty pelt which, is lighter around the abdomen and head, with darker spots across the back. Their underbelly, mane and facial hair are light gray, whilst their short curved tusks are made of red ivory. Of the two species of boar this is the most dangerous, causing more damage to Link when they charge. They are also the least common with the majority of their population located in the Akkala region. They drop Raw Prime Meat when killed.

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