"To my shame, I fell under the sway of dark powers and was transformed into a base creature of magic."
— Blue Knight

The Blue Knight is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures. A blue-haired Knight of Hyrule, he guards the Blue Jewel. At one point, the Blue Knight was sucked into the Dark World and morphed into a Base Creature of Magic.

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Link encounters the Base Creature of Magic in The Field. After he destroys the Knight Mark, lifting the curse, the Blue Knight returns to normal. He explains to Link about the four Royal Jewels and how they are needed to enter the Tower of Winds. The Blue Knight than gives Link the Blue Jewel and states "I place in your hands the hopes of all Hyrule!"

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The Blue Knight has the same armor, sword, and shield as the Chief Soldiers, though he is not wearing a helmet.

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