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" Link... Link... Be on your guard. Ganon's power rises to its peak under the hour of a Blood Moon. By its glow, the aimless spirits of monsters that were slain in the name of the light return to flesh. Link...please be careful."
Princess Zelda

A Blood Moon is an event from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Hino is the first character Link meets who explains the phenomenon; from 10:00 p.m. to midnight, based on in-game time, this event has a chance of occurring. The moon and the sky around turn red and the dark aura that is normally seen around Calamity Ganon will be seen everywhere. Its occurrence will cause all defeated enemies to revive from the dead.

The Blood Moon can occur once Link has completed the main quest "The Isolated Plateau" and left the Great Plateau using the Paraglider. During Link's first Blood Moon, Princess Zelda will telepathically warn Link of it and explains that Calamity Ganon's power increases during this time and tells him to be careful. She will also warn him each subsequent Blood Moon. This is a point in time in which Calamity Ganon's power will rise to its peak, hence the resurrection of foes that Link has already felled prior to this event.

Breath of the Wild Events Blood Moon (Midnight Cutscene)

The Blood Moon during the midnight cutscene

However, there are positives to a Blood Moon, such as being able to collect items, parts, or weaponry from enemies that Link has felled without worry of said resources being limited. Furthermore, Link will be told by Zelda during a Blood Moon night if he decides to rest his head for the night either by campfire, sleeping in a bed, or sleeping at an inn or a stable. Cooking food on a Blood Moon night between 11:30 p.m. and 12:15 a.m. produces better results. Link can ask Hino what Moon there will be that night, and during a Blood Moon night he will state "I'm getting that feeling again... Something is going to happen tonight. I can taste it.". A section of the book "Chef Aurie Taamu, Vol. 2" also describes the positive effects of his phenomenon on cooking.

If Link is inside a Shrine when the clock reaches midnight on a Blood Moon night, the Blood Moon will end without resurrecting any enemies and the cutscene is not triggered. However this generally causes the Blood Moon event to keep on occurring each night until the cutscene is triggered and the enemies respawned. At Washa's Bluff in the Tabantha Frontier region, Kass plays one of his songs and assigns Link with the Shrine quest "Under a Red Moon", where Link has to stand wearing no armor on a pedestal during a Blood Moon in order to reveal a Shrine.

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