"I'm happy as long as my feathered friends are with me... Well, that is before they got turned into monsters. In which case, I should have been changed along with them... I thought, so I put on a mask and chanted. A lot. I tried to admire the yellow-winged monsters that live nearby, but... As soon as they land, they spit out these bomb-like things, and I can't get anywhere near them! I think I might be able to get closer to one if I had a shield..."
— Bird-Masked Man

The Bird-Masked Man is a character in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. He lives near Misery Mire in Lorule. He tells Link that his friends were all turned into monsters. Wishing to join his friends, the Bird-Masked Man donned a Mask and attempted to join them by chanting, to no avail. Afterwards, the Bird-Masked Man sought to admire the monsters closely, only to be attacked as soon as he got near.