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"Bio Deku Baba... Just calm down and aim carefully! And don't blame me if one hit doesn't get rid of it!"

Bio Deku Babas are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. They are similar to the Deku Baba, but grow from the underside of Lily Pads floating in the water, or occasionally from ceilings. If Link attempts to jump onto a pad to which a Bio Deku Baba is attached, it will flip the pad over, throwing Link away a small distance and causing damage to him.

Unlike generic Deku Babas, when Link cuts the stem of Bio Deku Babas, they will not be defeated; rather, they will live on, crawling on the ground, the floor beneath the water, or on the surface of the water in an attempt to approach and attack Link. When detached from their base, they crawl on "legs" composed of stems and extend a pair of stalks with what appears to be eyes on the end. Link can defeat them by dealing enough damage to a detached one. Bio Deku Babas can be defeated outright, without them ever reaching their second form, using a Powder Keg, Deku Stick, or arrow.

It shares its ability to survive after its stem is cut with its relatives the Baba Serpent and Twilit Baba from Twilight Princess.

Tatl's Note

Tatl Artwork Just calm down and aim carefully! And don't blame me if one hit doesn't get rid of it!


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