"When you have set crystals in all of the statues in the six palaces, the Binding Force placed on the Valley of Death will be removed and you will be able to enter the great palace."
King of Hyrule

The Binding Force is an object from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. For fear of misuse of the Triforce, the King of Hyrule hid the Triforce of Courage in the Great Palace, which was protected by the Binding Force which would stop people from entering.

Link set out on a quest to obtain the Triforce of Courage in order to wake the sleeping Princess Zelda. In order for him to enter the Great Palace, Link had to dispel the Binding Force by returning six Crystals to their resting places in Parapa Palace, Midoro Palace, Island Palace, Maze Island Palace, Ocean Palace and the Hidden Palace.

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