"You got the Big Sale Flag! This flag looks like it would definitely be good for business."
— In-game description

The Big Sale Flag is a quest item found in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. It is an item in the quest for the Shop Guru Statue. It can be traded to Link by the Traveling Merchant on the Mother & Child Isles if he gives him a Hero's Flag, Skull Tower Idol or Fountain Idol. It can be traded with the Merchant on Bomb Island and Greatfish Isle for a Hero's Flag or with the merchant on the Mother & Child Isles for a Big Catch Flag. Once Link acquires it through trade he can buy it from Zunari in his shop on Windfall Island.


The Big Sale Flag is a blue canvas flag with three red faces appearing in the totem pole fashion of one on top of another. The pole that the flag is attached to is a red and white pattern with a megaphone on top.

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