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The Big Eye Plant is a mini-boss from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. It is first encountered when Link obtains the Sun Key and heads back to Molida Island. Once he reaches the island, the creature rises out of the sea and the battle begins. Once defeated, the Big Eye Plant retreats back into the ocean.

The creature appears a second time during the quest for the Great Spin Attack near Bannan Island. It is fought in the same manner as the first encounter, with its eye being its weak spot; in this fight, however, the Big Eye Plant has a different death: the plant will dissolve into powder upon defeat.

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Link must make a path for Linebeck to steer around the creature, and fire cannonballs at its eye, which is its vulnerable spot. When the eye is hit, the plant retracts the eye and shoots green spiny projectiles at Link. After four such strikes, the plant retreats back into the ocean.


Big Eye Plant (Phantom Hourglass)01:44

Big Eye Plant (Phantom Hourglass)

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