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Big Dodongo is a boss from The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures. Like standard Dodongos, it is a lizard-like creature, though significantly larger. Big Dodongo can be found exclusively in the Realm of the Heavens, directly following a battle with two standard Dodongos.


After the two Dodongos are defeated, four Treasure Chests appear. They contain Level 2 Bombs, the only weapons that can damage Big Dodongo. Standard Bombs simply stop in front of its mouth and explode, doing no damage. After three Level 2 Bombs have been thrown into Big Dodongo, it explodes. Link continues and destroys the Vaati Barriers, yielding the way to The Dark Cloud.


Big Dodongo (Four Swords Adventures)03:07

Big Dodongo (Four Swords Adventures)

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