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"My current hot seller is the Hylian Shield, but it might be too big for you, kid."
Man from the Bazaar

The Bazaar is a shop from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This general store is found in Hyrule Castle Town when Link is a youth, and in Kakariko Village seven years later, due to the destruction of Hyrule Castle Town. The proprietor is a large, bearded man. The Bazaar sells various items, the most prominent being the Hylian Shield for 80 Rupees. Upon going to Death Mountain, however, the Keaton Mask Soldier will advise Link to go to the Bazaar and mention him. When he does this, the Bazaar owner will drop the price of the Hylian Shield by 30 Rupees, resulting in a total of 50 Rupees.


Item Price
10 Arrows 20 Rupees
30 Arrows 60 Rupees
50 Arrows 90 Rupees
5 Bombs 35 Rupees
5 Deku Nuts 15 Rupees
Deku Stick 10 Rupees
Heart 10 Rupees
Hylian Shield 80 Rupees (50 with discount)

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