"This is Bamboo Island. It is the secluded hideaway of Peater, father of the Item Check clerk, Peatrice. Here, you can attempt the Clean Cut bamboo-slicing game."

Bamboo Island is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. It is a small island in The Sky northeast of Skyloft. The island consists of a small piece of land with an open top tower shaped like bamboo filled with a forest of bamboo trees which can be seen emerging out the top of the structure. The outside of the structure is quite bare, apart from a stone path leading to the entrance and a couple bamboo trees.

It is here within the small round building that Link can participate in the Clean Cut mini-game run by Peater, who trains at the island during the day. Additionally, a Gossip Stone can be found within the building. Behind the building is a Goddess Chest containing a golden Rupee that can be acquired by activating a Goddess Cube found near the entrance of the Earth Temple on Eldin Volcano.

Link can obtain three green Rupees by shooting the three Lanterns above the outside entrance.