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"This attraction is all about popping balloons as you move toward the goal!"

The Balloon Popping Game is a mini-game from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Located at Lake Hylia, the attraction is run by the myna bird, Plumm. However, she does not sell her services to Hylians, so Link can participate only while he is in his wolf form.

The Balloon Popping Game is free to play. When Link accepts the challenge, a Kargaroc flies by and swoops him up. The overgrown bird then dips into a canyon and they fly up the Zora's River. Here Link sees many different colored balloons resembling fruit, and the object is to pop as many balloons as possible to gain points; green balloons are worth 1 point, orange balloons are worth 3 points, and red balloons are worth 10 points. Additionally, for each same color balloon popped in a row, Link gains bonus points equal to double the value of the balloon previously popped; for example, three consecutive melons yield 1, 2, and 4 points respectively. If Link can manage to score at least 10,000 points by the end, he will receive a Piece of Heart as a reward. If Link rams the Kargaroc into a wall hard enough for it to drop Link, or if Link can not score 10,000 points by the end, he will not receive a reward.

After winning the Piece of Heart, obtain all subsequent new high score will result in Link receiving a 100 Rupees.

The highest scores can be obtained by popping the 19 red balloons in a row with out hitting any other balloon. In order to obtain the highest possible score Link start by popping the first three Orange Balloons then switching to popping the first two Green, then focus on popping all 19 Red Balloons the rest of the way through the rest of the course Link which adds up to a total score of 56334 points. However once this score is reached it is impossible to earn any more rewards by playing the Balloon Popping Game.

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