"Direct heat has softened and sweetened this apple. Eat it to restore three quarters of a heart."
— In-game description

The Baked Apple is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a curative item that restores Link's health with three quarters of a Heart Container. Link can find it on the Great Plateau, or obtain it by Roasting an Apple with a source of fire or volcanic heat.

Link can find a Baked Apple next to Campfire where he first encounters the Old Man. If Link picks it up before speaking to the Old Man, he will jokingly admonishing him for taking it, though will allow Link to keep it. If Link talks to the Old Man first he will tell Link he is free to take the Baked Apple. Link can find another Baked Apple on a table in the Woodcutter's House. After Link leaves the Great Plateau, other Baked Apples will mysteriously respawn in both of these locations. If Link burns a barrel or crate containing Apples, he will find they have been turned into Baked Apples.

Related Side Quests

In the Side Quest "The Apple of My Eye", the newlywed Juney who is spending her honeymoon in Rito Village with her new husband Jogo though is unhappy and wishes she had a Baked Apple. If Link brings her one she will reward him with a Silver Rupee. After completing the quest, Link can continue to sell Baked Apples to Juney for Rupees.

In a related Side Quest, Jogo needs Flint to make a fire so he can roast some apples for his new wife. Link can bring him some Flint and he will reward Link with a Silver Rupee.


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