"♪ Boss went and hid my thief girl away where no one could hear what she had to say. ♪ Sometimes it hurts too much t'care. Ya think knowledge is power, but it's really despair..."
— Bag Guy

The Bag Guy is a character from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. He is the Lorulean counterpart of Papa. He can be found in a corner of the Item Shop in Thieves' Town. When Link talks to the Bag Guy, he sings lyrics about the Boss hiding the Thief Girl away where she could not be heard and how knowledge is despair, but after noticing Link is staring at him, he gets agitated and says he knows nothing about the Thief Girl and the lyrics are a song. Calming down, he explains that the Boss locked her up somewhere and threw the key away, questioning why he did that afterwards.