"That book was written by an amazing chef, Aurie Taamu. Just between us... He was the voe that our teacher was in love with once. Or so I hear..."

Aurie Taamu is a character mentioned in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He was a male chef with whom the Gerudo teacher Ashai was once in love with in the past. He is the author of two cook books entitled "Chef Aurie Taamu, Vol. 1" and "Vol. 2", which can be found within the kitchen where Ashai teaches her cooking class in Gerudo Town at night.


Little is known about Aurie Taamu. He was a male chef who had a relationship with Ashai when she was younger. Aurie Taamu was thirty five years old when he wrote the first volume of his series of cook books and was, by his own admission, an impatient man. Despite being a man, he is still respected by the Gerudo for his cooking skills and his books are used during Ashai's classes.

Love triangle

According to rumors overheard by Link at Gerudo Town, it is suggested that there was a love triangle involving Ashai and Isha, who both vied for the love of the same man. This man might be Aurie Taamu, as Ashai was in love with him once. As Aurie Taamu is referred to in the past tense and both women are single, the love triangle did not probably end well.


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Though he is assumed to be Hylian, his true race is never mentioned in Breath of the Wild. Aurie Taamu may be Hylian or Sheikah.

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