Aru Lowder

Aru Lowders are enemies from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. Their name in Japanese is "Aruroda", which, compared to the Japanese "Roda" for Lowder, suggests a relationship between the two monsters. They are found primarily in the Southeast part of Hyrule, inhabiting deserts and caves.

Aru Lowders are giant chitinous scorpion-like arachnids whose only weak point is the single eye at the front of their bodies. Similar to Gohma, they can shut their eyes to protect themselves, and are only vulnerable when they are open. Aru Lowders walk back and forth on the ground, occasionally pausing, sometimes darting forward or backwards. In addition to this unpredictable movement, they can shoot fireballs from their stingers. The fireballs are released in a random pattern as well, and they cannot be stopped by Link's Magical Shield unless he uses the Reflect Spell. Between the random attack pattern and sporadic vulnerability, it is very difficult for Link to defeat an Aru Lowder without taking a few hits.

Aru Lowders are vulnerable to the Thunder Spell at all times but are immune to the Fire Spell.