"My mighty sword and mighty shield shall crush you!"
— Armos Warrior

The Armos Warrior is the mini-boss of Skull Dungeon, the fourth dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages.


At the start of the battle, none of Link's weapons can harm the Armos Warrior due to its large shield. It attacks by throwing its sword, which then follows Link around the room. To break the Armos Warrior's shield, Link must lure the flying blade back at its master. Once it is hit by its own sword three times, both the Armos Warrior's shield and sword break, making it vulnerable to attack. At this point, the Armos Warrior changes its attack pattern to charging at Link; if he dodges, it will hit the wall and become stunned for a short time.


Armos Warrior (Oracle of Ages)02:06

Armos Warrior (Oracle of Ages)

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