The Armos Knight is a mini-boss from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. It guards the Ancient Ruins in the Face Shrine region of Koholint Island.


Blue Armos Knight 2 (Link's Awakening)
Red Armos Knight (Link's Awakening)

When Link enters the Armos Knight's chamber, it remains utterly motionless. As he approaches, however, the creature comes to life and charges the hero. The Armos Knight attacks by running toward Link, intermittently pounding the ground to stun him. Link can use the Roc's Feather to avoid the shock waves of the pound attack.

It is possible to damage the Armos Knight with the sword, particularly using the Spin Attack, but this can be difficult as the knight actually moves away from Link in response to sword strikes. As such, the Bow is the preferred method of dispatching this enemy; this also allows Link to maintain a safe distance from his foe. As the Armos Knight takes damage, first its shield crumbles, then its helmet; upon losing the latter, its movement speed increases. When Link defeats it, he receives the Face Key and gains access to the final chamber of the Ancient Ruins, where he finds a mural containing the secret of the Wind Fish.


Armos Knight (Link's Awakening)02:00

Armos Knight (Link's Awakening)

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