Unofficial Name

"People in cold places have warm hearts! And this place is extra super cold. Since Honcho was kind enough to lend me his house, I might stay for a bit. The only problem is that it is really cold here! It does not feel...Goron-like...Too bad, huh?"
— Anouki Village Goron

The Anouki Village Goron is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. He is a Goron who resides in Goron Village and wishes to travel to Anouki Village. If Link takes him there in the Spirit Train, he rewards Link with a Force Gem. After arriving, the Goron begins conversing with Kofu, mistaking him for Honcho, which Kofu does not deny. After he tells Kofu about Goron Village, the Anouki wishes to go there and asks Link to take him.

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