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"Please don't be sad. How happy could you possibly be... marrying a man who runs off when he's about to be married? It would make your life unhappy... just like your mother's."
— Anju's Mother

Anju's Mother is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. She is a middle aged woman who, along with her daughter Anju, serves as an owner of the Stock Pot Inn. They also both take care of Anju's Grandmother, the mother-in-law of Anju's Mother.


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Anju's Mother does not seem to like Anju's fiancé Kafei, and does not support their union. She seems to dislike him to such a degree that, if talked to while Link is wearing Kafei's Mask, she throws a fist in the air and tells him to take off the "unpleasant mask". However, it could be possible she only dislikes him for "running away", or she might just dislike to be reminded of her daughter's suffering. At 9:30 PM on the Night of the Second Day, Link can spy (by listening through the crack in the wall of the Inn's Knife Chamber) on a conversation between Anju and her mother in which Anju's Mother tells her that Kafei may have run off with Cremia, their common friend, and that she should give up on him.

However, during the end sequence, Anju's Mother can be seen attending their wedding. It is unknown whether she has accepted their union or is simply there so as not to miss an important day in her daughter's life.

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