"So you've actually seen the inside of Anju's henhouse? Hehehehe..."

Anju's Henhouse, also known as Ange's Henhouse, is a location from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. As its name implies, it is a henhouse owned by Anju in Hyrule Town.

When Link first visits Hyrule Town, Spekter is blocking entry to Anju's Henhouse. Once Link fuses Kinstones with Spookter in the Royal Valley, however, Spekter lets go of his burdens and moves on to the afterlife. This opens a passage that Link can enter while Minish-size.

Inside Anju's Henhouse, Link finds several Cucco Chicks and a chimney. By climbing the chimney, he finds himself on the roof of the henhouse where a Cucco is found. This Cucco will fuse Kinstones with him.

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