"Northeast of here is the Forest Haven... They say a truly unique kind of firefly is indigenous to that place. You heard of it, small fry? It emits bursts of light in seven colors! Supposedly, it's as beautiful as a rainbow! If you want to capture one though, you'd best have a bottle to keep it in."

The Angular Isles is a location from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. They are a small pair of artificial islands in the southern section of the Great Sea. Both isles are completely made out of moss-covered concrete blocks. To get onto the larger isle, Link must strategically move blocks on this isle to create stairs. At the top is a Treasure Chest containing a Piece of Heart. To get to the smaller isle, Link can either target the palm tree growing there with his Hookshot and pull himself across or fly to it from the larger isle using the Deku Leaf, provided the wind is blowing in the right direction. On the smaller isle is a Hidden Hole, which contains several blocks stacked on top of one another. To get to the top of the blocks, Link must move them strategically to create a stairway. There are shafts of light crossing just above the highest block. Link can use the Mirror Shield to reflect the light at an invisible Treasure Chest to cause it to become visible and solid. Inside the Treasure Chest is a Silver Rupee.

Clearly not a natural island, the Angular Isles at one point had native inhabitants (all members of the Salvage Corp.), making it the smallest island to be inhabited on the Great Sea. A figurine also states that these islands were the birthplace of the Great Fairies.

Though the Angular Isles are no longer inhabited by people, Gyorgs are frequently sighted off the coast of the islands.

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