Ancient Sky Book

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Ancient Sky Book
Ancient Sky Book
Link receiving the Ancient Sky Book from Impaz
First appearance Twilight Princess (2006)
Found Hidden Village
Use Translating Sky Writing
"From generation to generation, my ancestors have guarded the book that, by royal decree, was to be given to the messenger to the heavens. This is that book. Please, take it."

The Ancient Sky Book is a quest item from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. This book can be used to translate Sky Writing, the language of the Oocca, and contains spells of the Oocca, such as the one Shad accidentally uses to revive the power of the deactivated Dominion Rod.


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Impaz of the Hidden Village gives Link this book when she sees that he possesses the Dominion Rod. However, when Link receives the book, there are several pages missing. These pages, which contain Sky Characters, are hidden underneath Owl Statues scattered throughout Hyrule, which Link must find. The Owl Statues are in the southern section of Eldin Province in Kakariko Gorge, the north end of Bridge of Eldin, north of the Great Bridge of Hylia, southeast of Hyrule Castle Town's east exit, in the small ruins in Gerudo Desert, and northeast of Coro's home in Faron Woods. After Link shows the complete book to Shad, he reads from it. The resulting spell removes the Owl Statue's inner part, allowing Link to move the statue with the Dominion Rod to reveal a path to the Sky Cannon. After Midna moves the cannon to Lake Hylia, Fyer can repair it for 300 Rupees, giving Link access to the City in the Sky.

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